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It is a highly energetic food, especially indicated for dogs that have an extreme level of activity and competition dogs (mushing, hunting, agility, show ...) or that live in cold climates. Also ideal for pregnant and lactating bitches thanks to its great caloric content of 4,328kcal / kg and a high percentage of protein (32%) and fat (26%) from fresh meat from chicken and pork, beef and lamb, which make it very appetizing. Made with proteins and the most digestible fats to facilitate digestion at peak times, its formula incorporates bioflavonoids that counteract oxidative stress and improve the immune system of athlete dogs. Enriched with Omega 3-rich fish oil. Super premium quality raw materials.

€39.09 (€1.71 kg) €49.09 - €10.00

COMPOSITION: Dehudrated meats 30% ( poultry ,pork, veal and lamb) ,fresh meat 35%( 25% poultry , 10 % livers),chicken fat 12 %, rice 10 %, oats 2% , green peas 2% ,whole eggs 2 %,lamb and veal deshydrated protein , butter , mineral sustances , beet pulp 0.5 , linseds , fish oil , prebiotics(fructooligosacarides FOS and mananoligosacarides MOS ), citrus extract (vitamin C , polyohenols , bioflavonoids ), yucca extract.

33 / 27 65 % ingredientes cárnicos

Con Omega 3 y 6 / Alto en proteína y grasas / Para acividad extrema / Para embarazo y lactancia

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