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It is a highly energetic food, especially indicated for dogs that have an extreme level of activity and competition dogs (mushing, hunting, agility, show ...) or that live in cold climates. Also ideal for pregnant and lactating bitches thanks to its great caloric content of 4,328kcal / kg and a high percentage of protein (32%) and fat (26%) from fresh meat from chicken and pork, beef and lamb, which make it very appetizing. Made with proteins and the most digestible fats to facilitate digestion at peak times, its formula incorporates bioflavonoids that counteract oxidative stress and improve the immune system of athlete dogs. Enriched with Omega 3-rich fish oil. Super premium quality raw materials.


It is made with lamb meat as the main ingredient, it is an ideal food for dogs with digestive problems given its high percentage in lamb and rice. It is a highly palatable food due to its ingredients, which makes it ideal for dogs with palatability problems. In addition, salmon oil rich in Omega 3 and Biotin provide ideal hair and skin conditions. Also suitable for dogs with joint problems due to its high content of glusosamine and chondroitin sulfate. All this added to its balanced percentage of proteins and fats provides a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet that covers all the nutritional needs of our dog for its good health.


It is a complete and balanced food for puppies of all breeds, rich in proteins (32%) that favors nutritional needs during growth, for a strong and balanced development from the end of lactation to adulthood. Its formula contains a high percentage of meat (30%) of poultry and lamb, in addition to 10% of fish that provides highly digestible proteins for a balanced and healthy growth of our puppy. It also contains a high percentage of Omega 3 and 6, that maintains optimal hair and skin. To all this we add chondroprotectors for the good development of joints and probiotics / prebiotics that together with the plasma protein and yucca guarantees an unbeatable state of health during the growth period.